Sunday, January 11, 2009

this is a bookstore... not a diner

work provides alot of interesting situations customer-service wise. sometimes i find my blood pressure rising and other times i find myself laughing and shaking my head.:) the other day during our 20% off sale weekend a customer approached me and asked me: "what's your special today?" i wanted to say: "well, our chili cheese baked potato is $2.53 with your choice of one side, or if you want a hot dog instead of a potato, it's just 37 cents more.":) i refrained from saying it, tried to give her a look that indicated the strange phrasing of her question and said: "everything is 20% off today."


stephanie said...

What?! You have a blog and didn't even tell me? What's up with that?

People and HPB...what is there problem?

Andrew said...

I'm impressed you thought of that so fast. You should have said it!

I'm hoping for more such stories :)

And with regard to your first post, if Alaina doesn't get ALL the blame, who else gets a share? :)

Margaret said...

Yay! Now I have one more reason to try and keep up with my own blog, it's a family affair for sure now. ;)