Monday, January 19, 2009


for the first time since it's purchase (over a year ago) my kitchenaid is out on the counter and ready for use.:)
i didn't go to work today, because when i woke up i didn't feel well. so i called off and went back to bed. by the afternoon i was feeling better, so decided get to work on some things around the apartment. after putting food in the crock pot for dinner i started working on the dishes, since that always seems like a good place to start.:) luke ambled into the kitchen a few minutes later and began helping and what began as a "let's do the dishes so we feel better about life" turned into a "let's get this kitchen freaking dealt with".:)
within a matter of a few hours, the kitchen now looks like a different place. things had kind of gotten out of control over the last month on top of the fact that we kind of feel like we never fully got organized after our move (and yes, i do realize that was like 9 months ago:). we didn't reorganize very many cupboards, but we did go through the pantry and organize it, we rearranged our counter space to make it more productive, took some glasses and things out of boxes and found places them. overall, it looks pretty good and we are very happy to have made some progress. seems like life is so hard to keep up with sometimes.
we had bought the kitchenaid sometime in our first year of marriage when it was on sale for about 2/3 it's regular price, but since i'm not usually making large quantities of food and we didn't have much counter space, it had stayed in the box. needless to say, i'm pleased to have it out and accessible. it is a beautiful piece of equipment.:)


Margaret said...

Can't wait to come see it! :)

Alaina said...

Yay for you! It looks great!