Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodbye... for now.

My blog has been largely neglected this year (obviously:). It hasn't been altogether intentional, but if I'm honest I think it's because I've wanted and needed to write this post for awhile, but just haven't been able to bring myself to. I lost two of my most favorite people in the world-- my Grandma and Grandpa C. both passed away within the first 5 months of this year. I haven't wanted to blog until I wrote about them and I haven't wanted to write about them because it makes it feel so final.:( I've written the post a million times in my head, but have been avoiding actually penning it-- no tribute seems quite good enough and no words can truly express their influence in my life and the hole their deaths leave.

Late December I saw them at a Christmas open house and they were fine; like clockwork my Birthday letter from Grandma arrived in early January and by late January Grandma had passed away with little warning. Grandpa followed a few short months later. They left behind quite the tribe-- 5 kids, 21 grand kids and 35+ great grand kids (I've lost count:) not to mention all of those who married into the family. They always kept track of everyone and always knew what was going in our lives. They always supported us a multitude of ways in academia and in our other various endeavors. I know they prayed earnestly for us; they were two of the most thoughtful people in the world.

Both my childhood and adult years are filled with great memories of them. Grandma's home cooked meals and awesome cookies, the crafts she would have for us as kids, the warmth of her hug. Grandma and Grandpa taught us so many board games and I can never play dominoes, aggravation or euchre without thinking of them. And if you ever beat Grandpa at a game, you know you had truly won. Even as kids he never went easy on us-- if you forgot to draw a card at the end of your turn, tough luck! You had to play short the rest of the game.:) He's somewhat responsible for the competitive natures that run in the family. I can still hear Grandpa's awesome guffaw and the way they said each others names. I can hear them saying my name and asking how I am. I can feel Grandma's gentle hand on my arm and see the twinkle in Grandpa's eyes.

They were beautiful people! Their love for God and for their fellow man was so apparent in the way they served each other, their family, their church and their community. Both of their funerals were beautiful testaments of lives well lived and of an amazing legacy left behind. I miss them, I miss them, I miss them. I think of them often and smile. I know they are together in a wonderful place. I like to imagine they have found a regular euchre group up there.:) I know in any case they are happy and whole and bringing praise and glory to God. And I'm so thankful for the assurance that I will see them again some day! I'm so glad for the many years I got to spend with them. It's goodbye for now, but not forever!