Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Avatar--- an opinion

Luke and I finally put ourselves through the arduous task of watching "Avatar". We'd had a copy of it in hand for awhile and finally forced ourselves to watch it (over a period of three days:). I figured if I wanted to be able to judge it, I'd better watch it.:) We were both very underwhelmed by the film. I can see where in the theater and IMAX 3D it would have been visually entertaining, but the story line was quite melodramatic and cheesy. It tried to be far too political and was extremely predictable. And calling the "element" that the military was after "unobtainium" has to be the weakest link. Are you kidding me? Unobtainium? Sounds like they should probably just give up on that one.:) At any rate, I've now seen "Avatar" and have the right to legitimately voice my opinion and distaste for it.