Monday, January 26, 2009

some quality time with grandparents

yesterday was a full but good day. we went up to lafayette in the morning to celebrate grandma & grandpa nelson's 60th anniversary with the rest of the family. everyone surprised them at church in the morning and then we all went out to mountain jacks for dinner. grandma & grandpa were very surprised and felt very honored.:) i think it's pretty great to have examples of long & loving marriages. luke and i are blessed to have the examples of both our parents and all of our grandparents.
after the dinner, we decided to head up to rensselaer to visit grandma and grandpa cummings. we hadn't visited them in awhile and it was great to see them. we always enjoy playing games and chatting with them. when i was younger, grandpa taught me many of the games i know. he taught me strategy and to play to win.:) i have many fond memories of game time with grandpa cummings.:) yesterday we taught them how to play bananagram (similar to speed scrabble) and they taught us how to play a new game called triple four.
good times wth great people!

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