Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving On

This blog isn't proving very successful so far this year.:) I've been very slow about updating! Seems like we've been incredibly busy lately. The good news is we have found a townhouse at an apartment complex in Zionsville that we really like. We will be moving in just under 3 weeks! I'm not looking forward to the moving process, but I am looking forward to moving on and to being closer to our jobs etc. Now we've got to get packing!


Amanda said...

Best of luck in your move! I am sure all will go well, and you will be settled into your new domain in no time! :)

stephanie said...'s such a pain. BUT, you get something wonderful out of it, a new to you home! Hope it goes well. You should be rather well supplied with boxes after J and I's move.
Love you.