Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the big day

So, Marge got married last weekend... and it was a pretty awesome occasion.:) She did a great job planning it and achieving her dream wedding (a vintage hollywood feel). Alot of people contributed their skills and helped make it a very memorable occasion. It's hard to believe she's married; I'm so happy for her and Philip and I'm very proud of them.
I enjoyed designing the invitations and programs. There were moments where I had school flashbacks of deadlines and printer problems, but in the end everything came together fairly well.:) (Although I'm still trying to catch up on sleep:). Alaina and I collaborated on the wedding favors. She made 250 rice krispie treats (Marge's favorite and no small task:) and I designed the tags we attached. For the guestbook Marge and I had the idea to do a painting that everyone could sign and that they would then have as a memory piece from their wedding. I wasn't sure if I would get it completed, but at the last minute I did and we were both happy with the result. I still have to frame it for them... I didn't quite have enough time for that.:) You can see the painting (pre-signage) at Alaina's blog along with several other wedding photos.
Marge looked amazing in her dress (designed and sewn by her new sister-in-law; accessorized by mom (veil) and our sister-in-law (jewelry)). I really appreciated the charge that the pastor gave to th couple; as a married person I find it encouraging and refreshing to concentrate on the Godly advice given to couples at their weddings. I felt that Pastor Beachy's charge was very meaningful and full of good reminders for any married couple. My aunt did a great job decorating and maintaining the "vintage" feel Marge was going for. They had a wonderful jazz band for the reception: the John Harden Project. I have a feeling that if I could have this band at my house playing that music all day long, I would get a lot more done.:) It was a truly beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Marge and Philip!


the Lady of Dragonwood said...

The painting idea was wonderful! I think you might see it at more weddings in the future.

Heather L. said...

Your painting was perfect!!! (Maybe you could start a new business doing that for weddings). And the programs and invites were really nice!!! good job!

Lana Joy said...

I agree totally on the band. That was the best music ever. I could have stayed there all night listening to them (were it not for the early morning deadline for our 12-hour drive on Saturday). You did very well on all of your pieces of the wedding, Liz. I was impressed with each one: invitations, programs, painting, and rice krispie treat tags (yes, I did notice them). The charge of the pastor gave me a lot to chew on, too, during our vacation. I really appreciated it. Hope you've caught up on your sleep by now!