Wednesday, February 2, 2011

time for an update?:)

At the of Marge, here is a preggo pic:

The "bump" is long gone and it's a full on belly these days. (I tried to blame it on the horizontally striped shirt I was wearing... pretty sure that would be a stretch though. Literally:). I guess that's what happens as you enter the third trimester and head down the home stretch. It's hard to believe.
Things seem to be progressing well. He (did I tell you here it's a boy? I can't remember...:) is extremely active. Particularly when I am trying to sleep. I assume this is something I should get used to.:) I'm looking forward to meeting the little man.
We have slowly been making progress around here getting rooms in order and going through things. The re-purposing of our second bedroom has taken some time since we never fully organized it after our move.
The ice storm here has given us an unexpected extra two days in our week at home with no obligations. I think God knew I could use some time to relax, get a few things done and get a little extra sleep. I'm definitely grateful for the respite. Plus tomorrow is my normal day off, so I feel like I really scored.:) 3 days off in a row rarely happens for me unless I plan it months in advance.
I was happy to find out last week that it will be possible for me to cut back to part time at my job after I have the baby. I wasn't sure this would be a possibility and had prepared myself for the worst. God has been answering a lot of prayers. It will be nice to keep my job and benefits, but still be able to spend most days with my son.
Life has been extremely busy the past several months. I had three consecutive successful open studio nights. I sold some stuff, met some people and made more than enough money to cover my studio rent. This does not always happen, so it's always encouraging and a welcome blessing.
We had a very nice Christmas. We were able to spend time with both of our families, as well as have some celebrating to ourselves. Luke surprised me with an awesome new easel! One that I both desperately needed and wanted. I love it already. It is much sturdier than my last one and has the ability to hold paintings from about 6" to 6+' if necessary. Plus it takes up less floor space in my small studio. We received all kinds of cool stuff (both for us and baby:) this year. I now have an awesome rocking chair for the baby's room. We also have a new favorite board game from Marge and Philip called Pandemic. It is a strategy board game about fighting epidemics that is played co-operatively against the game. Tons of fun.:)
the easel


Margaret said...

The unthinkable has happened! An update! Just kidding, I can't jab too much, mine is only about every 4 weeks. I love the picture, and update. Can't wait to see the re-purposed bedroom. What still needs to be done? Anything I can help with?

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!!!

liz nelson said...

marge, we're still getting some of the furniture out of the room and organizing the closets and stuff. once that's done we need to get the baby furniture that we have arranged and do some decorating of some kind. i don't have a concrete plan at all yet.:) but if you feel like coming and helping sometime (especially w/decor), i wouldn't be opposed.:)

Alyssa said...

I'm so glad you posted a picture! I love seeing pregnant bellies, and yours is cute. :)

sam said...

Yay for the photo! :)

Lana Joy said...

The easel looks awesome (not that I know much about them, but it IS beautiful). Glad to hear you've been getting along well and that baby boy Nelson is healthy. I can't believe how soon you will get to meet him! The time flew by (for me). Good luck with the remaining preparations. Wishing you guys the best.

Evan said...


I'm really excited to meet your baby boy. Make sure to tell Luke that my Luke is looking forward to meeting him! Pandemic is a big hit at my house too! Even my Dad likes it! Glad you three are doing well. Can't wait to catch up sometime.