Tuesday, December 1, 2009

giving thanks and looking forward

I love Thanksgiving. Not only is it a great holiday for reflecting on God's goodness, but it also ushers in the holiday season (of which I am a fan:). We enjoyed spending Thursday with my family, all of whom were able to be there. It's great to have a day to relax, eat amazing food, play board games late into the night and hang out with your favorite people in the world.:) It's also great to be part of a family that recognizes the importance of giving thanks to our God. While this has been an incredibly challenging and somewhat frustrating year for Luke and me, it was good to step back and to reflect on the many ways that God has provided for us and for His care in our lives. We were also able spend Saturday with Luke's immediate and extended family. We got in some good euchre games and enjoyed the day. I did venture out on black Friday to score a few deals. I didn't go until about 9:30, in order to avoid being trampled to death.:) I missed out on a couple things I wanted to get, but later found one of them online for the same price and the other at a different store. As for everything else I went for, I found all of it and more...:) No surprises there. I have a pretty good leg up on my Christmas shopping now. I love that now it's ok to listen to Christmas music and to start getting excited about the upcoming holiday celebrations. I'm a big fan of the Christmas season.:)


sam said...

Ha! I am going to show this post to Rich. He claims you cannot listed to Christmas music until at least two weeks til Christmas. I say the day after Thanksgiving I can turn it on. Since he will not let me play it I have taken to singing it about the house. It's our first real marital disagreement :)

stephanie said...

I wish I had a leg up on my Christmas shopping! The ideas are fighting me this year (plus, you know, the little thing called money isn't terribly plentiful...I need to get creative!).
Awesome seeing you last week!

Lana Joy said...

Me, too, Liz! I love this season. And, having finished all my Christmas and birthday shopping for the month before Thanksgiving, I feel totally free to fully enjoy the entirety of this season! Hope you have a great December!