Saturday, September 12, 2009

not a good sign for the art world

I have to admit that I became mildly depressed about art as a whole when I saw in a magazine that a gallery is showcasing a series of paintings done of some of the cast of "the Hills"- one of the all time most ridiculous shows on television. Seriously?! Those people do not need an ounce more of attention; they are already some of the most spoiled, obnoxious people in the tabloids. Ugh. I normally would try to be more tactful in the discussion of "art", but I just found that very disheartening for myself and other artists.:) What's up with the world?


sam said...

Personally, I find that to be somewhat insulting. (The gallery's showcase, not your post) It seems like people get a taste of fame and based on that decide they are now qualified to do anything. Musicians decide to pursue acting, actors record albums, it's like they are desperately trying anything to keep their names/faces front and center. I think it's egotistical and a slap in the face to true artists/musicians who are working hard trying to make it.

Ashley A. Judd said...

My first year at Herron John Mellencamp had a painting show in the main gallery. This would have been...permissible...had they not shut down the school on one of the last weekends of the semester, so that students couldn't get into the building to work. This was very obnoxious, but the Hills artwork probably tops John Mellencamp as far as obnoxious artwork goes. Seriously, what? Also, speaking of obnoxious television shows, what is up with Big Brother 11? How has that show been on television for eleven seasons?

(And for those of you playing a drinking game at home: obnoxious. ;)

Ashley A. Judd said...

(ps They shut the school down so that he could have a private party/gallery opening.)