Thursday, May 21, 2009

i want a tree house!:)

Since architecture is now part of one of the sections I run at work, I've come across some interesting house books. My recent favorite is a book called "tree house living". I seriously think that living in a tree house is an awesome idea. These aren't like a tree house you had (or didn't have:) as a child, they are actually places you can live or have as a vacation home. Some of them are several hundred square feet and they are so creative and innovative.

One of the things that impressed me the most is that the builders who were showcased in the book do not harm the trees in any way. They won't even nail into the tree or cut it. Instead they use braces and stilts etc to secure the home. They also take into account the future growth of the tree a custom build the home in accordance to the laws of nature and to your own creative imagination. In looking around a bit more on the internet, it seems that these are becoming a more prominent trend and that most builders are being environmentally aware.

As I was doing my internet browsing about tree house living, I came across this sweet article about other non-conventional houses that are using pre-existing resources and therefore support green living. You should check out this article:
After reading this article I have a secondary dream: to live in a refurbished airplane.:)


Heather L. said...

A tree house definately sounds like a wonderful place -- especially for a weekend home or something.

sam said...

This reminds me of a really amazing cave house I discovered several months ago:

I've wanted my own ever since!

I do know a guy who lives in an apartment built inside an old grain elevator/silo. Which I think is a pretty cool idea.